Facilitating a Happy and Healthy Workforce

The Benefits

There is now clear evidence that addressing and promoting wellbeing in the workforce increases performance and resilience.A happy and healthy workforce benefits the workplace, productivity and the economy.

Many employees find that stress is impacting on their health and wellbeing which affects them at work and in their homelife. Keeping motivated and healthy at work is worthy of investment and we are here to help.Healthwell Solutions provides a range of services to promote wellbeing within teams and create resilience in the business, voluntary and public sector workforce.

We specialise in designing and delivering workplace Wellbeing services that support the individual needs of business, managers and employees.Healthwell Solutions Facilitating a happy and healthy workforce.

The Services

  • Review of the present wellbeing provisions.
  • Creating presentations for managers and the workforce to promote physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Helping to write a wellbeing strategy.
  • Advice on the measures that can be taken to improve the workplace health.
  • Workforce health needs and asset analysis.
  • Stress and resilience training for managers.
  • Practical approaches to handling pressure.
  • Individual or group Wellbeing coaching.
  • Coordination and supply of complementary therapies that are proven to have a positive effect on physical and emotional health.

Why Healthwell Solutions?

We have created solutions to help employers improve their present provision and have provided services to staff groups and individuals who wish to access these interventions.

We have extensive, long term experience working for the Home Office, local authorities and in various NHS settings. Our responsibilities in public health have included the commissioning of services, the production of community annual public health reports and bid writing for capital funding. In addition, we have played a major role in overseeing and contributing to the implementation of health and wellbeing board strategies.

We have a passion for effective behaviour change and the delivery of evidenced based interventions at group and individual levels.

For more information on how we can help you please contact:

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